Wednesday, June 13, 2012

True Blood— Trippin' With The Heat

The most popular vampire series since Dark Shadows... True Blood has returned for Season 5, and fans who were eagerly awaiting the first episode have gotten more excited [if that was at all humanly possible]. The first show of the new series, titled True Blood episode 5.01 Turn! Turn! Turn!, has been aired and has fans buzzing all over the Internet. In the first episode Sookie and Alcide are seen together talking about the return of Russell. Alcide is saying that he wants to keep Snookie safe from Russell, who is on the hunt for main character Snookie. Denis O'Hare spoke about what fans could expect from his character over the coming season, and explained who brought him back. O'Hare has said, "It's somebody who nobody knows yet. It's a surprising character. And I think you get a hint in episode two, and then a big hint shows up in episode five."

O'Hare added, "He's still vicious, he's still dangerous, he's still highly charming, but they added all this stuff to him. We get to see him fall in love!" The anticipation for the new series to kick off is hitting fever pitch on social media and social networking sites. New True Blood episode, "Turn! Turn! Turn!", was THE most talked about premiere on premium cable TV... EVER. Twitter alone generated 234,374 tweets while Facebook boasts 7,476 comments total, according to Mashable. And we know those numbers are still rising.

We cannot wait to watch Tara's transition from victim to full blown predator... which will undoubtedly have serious reprocussions for both Sookie and Layfayette [not to mention the crisis of having to live with the fact that because they both refused to let her die, she is now condemned to a life of immortality, one that Tara might not have opted for had the decision been hers]. The constant conflict on this show is the foundation for the mayhem which ensues. There are also a plethora of subtleties, i.e. Bill still wanting to help Sookie as he sensed her danger while Eric stopped him and quickly moved on to explore other options. It demonstrates Bill's selflessnes, as last season he let Eric have Sookie because he believed that it would be better for her. 

So what about a potential Sookie/Alcide romance? According to the ultra-sexy Joe Manganiello who plays Alcide, "There will be interaction between Sookie and Alcide this season. I'm not going to say what that interaction is...[I get physical] in a lot of ways, not just fighting. If you've seen some of the trailer, than you can imagine [laughs]. There might be some lovin' going on." And all of us here at UPBEAT Entertainment News Syndicate are chomping at the bit to finally see these two together... the screen will definitely ignite! Manganiello also gives out a bit of perspective on Alcide's journey thus far... "He's still that good-hearted, dependable guy with great character but he was pushed to his limits last season. You're going to see a much more active, stronger version of Alcide. There is some real dissension in the pack this time around: there is a group that immediately worships him as their new pack master since he murdered the former one and there is yet another group that doesn't think it was at all justified or done in the ritualistic fashion."

Vampire blood makes humans act in unusual ways on True Blood, but for the first time, we'll see vamps themselves be... well, not "quite" themselves. Denis O'Hare teases that in episode 7, "...we have a really freaky scene where you see vampires behaving in ways they don't normally behave." Okay, so first  the witches threatened to pull them into the sunlight, now vampires have to deal with what Denis describes as "an acid trip"? It's so hard to be a fangster these days. The "creepy" and "mind-boggling" trip continues in episode 8, directed by Stephen Moyer. "Having the opportunity to not only participate in this psychedelic vampire haze, but to also direct it, I am very thrilled."

Thus far True Blood continues to turn up the heat... but eventually... they'll be trippin' with the heat.

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