Sunday, October 02, 2011

Thoughts on Highlander Reboot Part 1

Summit Entertainment has confirmed that its number one choice for the helm of the new Highlander film is Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Fresnadillo most recently directed Intruders— which was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival— and is also set to direct The Crow reboot. While Fresnadillo has not officially accepted, he had expressed interest previously, so there is little chance he'll turn down this great opportunity. Highlander spent several years in development hell until this summer when the company decided that it was time to pull it off the shelf. The push to get the Highlander film out likely stems from Summit’s need to get another fantasy franchise going now that Twilight is finished. The Highlander script was written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway and recently updated by Melissa Rosenberg— who also worked with Summit on the final versions of the Twilight scripts. Neal H. Moritz and Peter S. Davis are producing. Highlander is currently set to arrive in theaters sometime in 2012, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pushed forward to the 2013 blockbuster season.

All of us here at UPBEAT Entertainment News Syndicate aren't very enthused about the reboot and we've made that abundantly clear on several occasions. Some films are better left alone and this is one of them. The original starred Christopher Lambert and regardless of the fact that CGI wasn't at the top of its game at the time, the film had what Lambert's character would say, "Magic." It was easy to understand why it has been a "cult classic" for several years.

But if we are forced to [and as always, we are] to see the reboot then we hope that the casting will be dead on as well as the script. Actors Colin Farrell, Alex O'Loughlin and Joe Manganiello [True Blood's Alcide] would be our only choices for the brooding immortal Connor Macleod of the clan Macleod. As for the lead actress, we would love to see Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Keira Knightley, all of which could "easily" make the role into something very powerful. The Kurgan could only be played by Tyler Mane who was last seen as Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie Halloween films. This actor is massive and menacing and would take The Kurgan beyond evil. As for the rest of the cast, we do have more choices but we'll continue that again soon.

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