Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jackie Brown Blu-ray— Action and Insight

I have to say it… Jackie Brown is one of Quentin Tarantino’s most overlooked films. It was originally released on 1997 and stars Pam Grier, Robert Forster, Sameul L. Jackson, Bridget Fonda and Michael Keaton. Maybe it’s because it does not have as much action as Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. What you do get with this film is Tarantino’s most quintessential dialogue and outstanding performances from the cast. Pam Grier is exceptional in this role that she transcends all barriers and is so easily to relate to in so many ways. Jackson and Tarantino work so well together that I know I am in for a treat when it comes to scripting and some deeply intense dialogue. Jackie Brown delivers on all those levels. Praised with “4 stars,” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times), Tarantino’s feature film follow-up Jackie Brown earned a 1997 Oscar® nomination for supporting actor Robert Forster (Mulholland Drive), three Golden Globe nominations (including Best Musical/Comedy) and an NAACP Image Award nomination for Pam Grier’s performance.  An all-star cast joins Grier and Forster, including Samuel L. Jackson, Robert DeNiro, Michael Keaton and Bridget Fonda in Tarantino’s adaptation of the novel by Elmore Leonard (3:10 to Yuma, Out of Sight, Killshot).

A sexy flight attendant (Grier) is caught in a plot between the police and an arms dealer, and everyone’s looking for the payoff. There are six unlikely players on the trail for a big score— a half million dollars in cash. But alliances are shaky when its unclear who is playing and who is getting played. This Blu-ray disc is a must-own for fans of Tarantino, but also fans of Elmore Leonard. The special features give fans a comprehensive look into the creation of the film.

Blu-ray Features:
Breaking Down Jackie Brown—  (A critics’ roundtable discussion offering their opinions on the film.), Jackie Brown: How It Went Down featurette ( interviews with Quentin Tarantino, Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, and Robert De Niro etc.), A Look Back at Jackie Brown— (Interview with Quentin Tarantino), Deleted and Alternate Scenes (self-explanatory), Chicks With Guns video (features a nice Tarantino introduction), Siskel & Ebert: At the Movies— (Jackie Brown Review), Jackie Brown on MTV,    Theatrical Trailer, TV Spots & Poster Gallery, Enhanced Trivia Track, Stills Galleries, Robert Forster Trailers, Pam Grier Trailers, Pam Grier Radio Spots, Soundtrack Chapters

As a film advocate I loved Breaking Down Jackie Brown which features critics talking about how they reacted and related to the film on a personal and professional level. I really enjoyed seeing them talk about a film as if they were having a conversation after seeing the movie. The conversation is very insightful yet relaxed. Jackie Brown: How It Went Down featurette is a lot of fun as well. I can never get enough of Quentin Tarantino talking about his films. He is so passionate and charismatic when he talks about a movie you can truly tell that he is a fan first and foremost. I loved seeing the interview parts with Pam Grier and the rest of the cast. There is some cool video footage in here from the set as well, which gives an interesting insight into what it was like to film the movie.

I think the entire film was cast perfectly, especially Pam Grier and Robert Forster. There chemistry on screen in the scenes they have together is wonderful. I also loved getting a glimpse at Forster’s career in film through a reel of his trailers. It is definitely worth a watch, and points out some cool movies I want to check out. It also made me laugh to think about how trailers were presented. We think that trailers often share too much today, but some of the old school movie trailers made me think I had basically seen the movie. If you have never seen this film, this should be added to your must-watch list. If you may not have cared for the film on a first or second viewing, give it another shot on Blu-ray. The picture and sound quality is phenomenal. The picture 1080p and aspect ratio of 2.35:1 is better than the original aspect ratio of 2.39:1. The sound quality is perfect with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, which allows you to listen to all the cool dialogue and even cooler soundtrack to the film.

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