Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quiet Quixotic Reflections

I believe in Jedi Knights. I believe that Yoda looks after young padawans. Sometimes I feel like Obi-Wan. Sometimes like a lost Sky Walker tarnished by the discoveries. But whatever happens, I believe that it is within us to have faith in that the force of our will, our sheer determination... it is always with us. All you have to do is identify how you want your life to be, or the results you would like to see in your life (effect)— then work toward creating the situation (cause) that will produce the desired effects. If you’re interested in the results— focus on the cause— and the effect will take care of itself.

With the creative actions of our free will, we can change the outcome of any action. The first step however, is realizing that even though actions may have negative consequences... the power of our free will can change those unintended consequences, and make them into something far more powerful... with love. Tonight as I post this, I notice the Unicorn outside of my window heading towards my sisters’ home to see if my nieces and nephews have fallen asleep.

In a strange state of revery, I look about the room. I am no longer myself, but a stranger here. And, with a very observant eye, I look at what this person has just been doing. Notes written in the margins, a half-finished glass of red wine on the table. Books scattered about... most of it ancient Philosophy. I look at the paintings on the easel, the drawings tacked on the wall or cast carelessly about the place. A strange intelligence is at work, behind these images. My gaze rests a few moments on the pages just written, and reads certain isolated fragments of the text. Someone is seeking something here— an inquiring mind, eccentric and original, with a curious outlook on things. Strange sentence-formations though... but as always, I digress.

My life is made up of memories, like everyone else’s. However, what I realize is that our brain filters out the images that we do not want to remember always invariably making the past seem romantic. Agent Mulder wanted to believe in what he thought was true. I believe too, in sorcerers and goblins, in princes and knights. The voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new horizons, but in seeing with new eyes. Regardless of whether we have a diagnosis of hard to accept with gray forecast, this change in our ability and attitude of course will work miracles on how to live thereafter.

Many of us anchored to the situations of life as we wish, want and aspire to be and thrive in our vital pattern or road map, that which we have acquired through your education, the environment in which we live, for conduct and affections of our people close, the affinities which we approaching. Instead we're moving on and repelling situations and people that might be appropriate to rise to the train on which we travel though different from our pattern of life, even those that lead us headaches, upset because confronted with our values and principles, summarizing are opposed or is that perhaps we are seeing in some way accept the party not in us.

In the train on which we travel, there are people who are only a couple of stations in our car on the other hand some will fall with us almost all the way, many will be very similar to fortunately other hand we are and always will be different and this will bring us new points of view to follow the path with our backpacks full of experiences necessary to meet the obligatory stops at every station of life. Curiously without realizing it, at the end of the line, those who have managed to learn along the way to share all that is of value not only the tangible will be ready to face a moment of transition might be more like the death of the body.

Living stops in different seasons in which we continue the journey makes us live forever renewed. The certain parts of our self die to make way for the resurgence of other leads that we may live fully the other stages of life. There are moments in life that must die like a phoenix and then rise from the ashes, much more evolved. I hope that when that time comes for each of you... you find enough strength, courage and energy in you to continue the road with renewed hopes to be able to enjoy your journey of life. Me? I'm searching for Yoda, having a grape Freeze Pop and finding amusement in the antics of those who refuse to discard the illusions long enough to indulge in laughter and perhaps an engaging conversation with a weary traveler.

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