Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Batarang— Uncontrollably Cool

The Batarang Wireless Controller for PS3 is so authentic, you'll be tempted to throw it at the bad guys, but so amazing you won't want to ever let it go. This officially licensed Batman: Arkham City collectible comes packed with more features than a utility belt, including wireless receiver, built-in motion sensing technology and dual rumble motors for enhanced game play. Power A has a great track record for making 3rd party controllers. In fact, I’ve been using the “Pro Elite Wireless Controller” for over a year now with absolutely no complaints. I’m a much bigger fan of the Xbox 360 controller layout than I am of the PS3 Duel Shock’s, so the fact that the D-Pad and Left Analog stick have been reversed on this controller is a HUGE plus for all true gamers. That being said, I didn’t include this as a “Pro” or “Con” because it actually comes down to overall preference. 

On a personal level, this controller has it all and I highly recommend it. But moving right along here... another great aspect of the controller is how long it holds a charge. I’ve played for a few hours last night and a few more hours again today and the battery gauge hasn't moved at all. The less time charging, the more time playing. Win, win. The controller is called the Batarang after the infamous weapon that Batman uses. It's not your typical PS3 controller, it's styled more after an Xbox 360 controller in terms of the layout of the control sticks. The Batarang features seven different lighting effects so you can actually change the colors depending on the mood you're in or even the game you're playing. This is a nice feature if only for the psychologically calming effects certain colors tend to possess.

I would say the only glitch I can dig up is the placement of the buttons in the middle of the PS3 controller. They just seem too close together. There has been more than one time I’ve tried to hit start and ended up turning on the LED colors. The same can be said for trying to hit the select button and pressing the battery indicator light. This is just a minor detail which really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of game play but, we tend to be as detailed as possible.

If you’re looking for a new controller to replace your old PS3 Dual Shock, look no further than the Batarang Controller. It's stylish, cool and it adds a niced "varied" choice to your gaming experiences. And... as long as you don’t mind the reversed Analog and D-Pad you will not be disappointed.

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